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It's QWO time!!

If you are someone who has been bothered by cellulite dimpling all your life, this is for you!
Collagenase clostridium histolyticum ('QWO") is the enzyme in the solution injected into a certain number of dimples determined by Dr. Coale.  Fibrous bands are dissolved and the dimple is made smoother right away.  We treat any areas with cellulite but sometimes skin laxity can mimic cellulite so we need to be sure you are a good candidate before you book.  We have 2 treatment sizes so pricing can vary quite a bit and depends on the number of dimples treated.

Note: This treatment is easy to go through here, but causes remarkable bruising and some soreness, so it has to be the right time in your life to do this.  If you have extensive cellulite, or even a few nagging dimples, this treatment is remarkable and permanent, but you won't be wearing a swimsuit in public for 3 weeks or so.