Trusculpt ID Permanent Fat Reduction

The most advanced technology in non-invasive fat reduction. Truscuplt iD has multiple applicators to fit any body area or type, and utilizes monopolar Radio Frequency to get rid of stubborn fat cells that are often resistant to diet and exercise.

Best For

Stubborn problem areas of fat


Trusculpt iD utilizes Radio Frequency to heat up layers of subcutaneous fat, to a temperature in which it causes apoptosis or "natural death of the fat cell”.


We love Trusculpt iD because it can be used on almost all areas of the body with subcutaneous fat. The applicators lay flush onto the skin, so there’s no suction or pulling of tissue, which results in an even distribution of fat loss. Plus we can reduce that double-chin problem and help to sculpt the jawline with the sub-mental applicator. Patients also notice in improvement in skin texture and elasticity as well, due to the nature of radio frequency and how it stimulates collagen & elastin!


After assessing the problem areas of fat, we will take photos and set you up for treatment with the applicators in the appropriate area. The device slowly elevates the temperature between 43-45 degrees Celsius and maintains that even level of heat throughout the 15 minute treatment. After the treatment takes place, your body will go through the process of eliminating those dead fat cells as waste product. This can take an average of 7-12 weeks.


Double chin/neck, abdomen, waistline, flanks, bra roll, "love handles" or “muffin top”, inner thigh, outer thigh, knee fat, arms, "dowager hump" or “buffalo hump”.

Frequency of Treatment:

The process in which your body removes the dead fat cells can take quite a bit of time, and so we recommend spacing your Trusculpt iD roughly 8-12 weeks apart. We have found that more “mature clients” need a longer period of time between treatments to achieve the optimum results. Body areas require 2-3 treatments for optimum results, and neck or jawline requires 3-4 treatments. Pricing is greatly reduced for continued treatments.


Truscupt iD for body areas, is a 15 minute treatment cycle and we can run up to 6 panels at a time in that 15 minutes. If more than 6 panels are required, then there is another 15 minute cycle done on the remaining areas in that same appointment. Allow for roughly a full hour appointment, to give us enough time to assess your area of concern, take before photos and to fully explain the treatment process. For Trusculpt iD done on the neck or “double chin” area, allow for a 45 minute appointment time. This area is treated with a different size hand piece and each placement is a 5 minute cycle. Chin and jawline can vary between 3-6 placements depending on your size.


Pricing ranges depending on size of area to be treated. Average pricing for BODY areas: $1500-2250 per treatment. Average pricing for NECK/JAWLINE: $600 per treatment. Discounts are applied when you prepay for 2 or 3 sessions up front.


Trusculpt iD is best for targeting those problem pockets of fat that just don’t change with diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss treatment. If we assess the patient and determine there are too many areas to be treated for the patient to see adequate results, we may suggest another treatment plan such as our Trusculpt FLEX, which can help give your metabolism a huge boost and give more overall changes to your total figure. The combination of FLEX and iD can be truly amazing as well! We offer a greatly discounted package price for patients combining the two body sculpting treatments.


The best part about Trusculpt iD is the very simple recovery! There is almost zero issues afterwards, other than a mild soreness on some patients for a few days afterwards. We want you to continue your normal active lifestyle and exercise. It is highly recommended that you continue to hydrate and drink lots of fluids to help your body with the process of eliminating the dead fat cells.


Radio Frequency travels through lipids and water, so it is highly recommended that you hydrate for the week prior to your treatment. You must avoid prolonged sun exposure or tanning beds for 1 week prior to your treatment. Also avoid spray tans or self tanning lotions for 1 week prior. The area to be treated needs to be free of hair, so please shave the morning of your treatment.


Continue to drink lots of water to help your body flush away the waste product. Avoid extreme heat on treated areas for the remaining portion of the day, including hot tubs, hot baths, saunas, ect.


It is not pain-free, but it is very tolerable. It feels like a deep intense heat, that hovers around the target temperature our technician sets during the treatment. The short 15 minute cycle makes it so much easier to tolerate compared to other fat-reduction treatments out there that take over twice as long! We also let our clients blow frosty cold air from our Zimmer Cryo chiller, to their face or another body area, which is a great distraction during the treatment.

Great question! Coolsculpting and Trusculpt are both great treatments for causing APOPTOSIS (natural death of the fat cell). However, Coolsculpting uses technology that lowers the temperature of the subcutaneous fat to damage the fat cells, where Truscupt iD raises the temperature of the fat cells to damage them. The applicators from Coolsculpting suck the bulge of fat up inside a narrow opening, and it can often leave an indentation or “shark bite” of uneven fat loss. Trusculpt iD applicators are laid flat on the area to be treated and it results in an even distribution of deep heat to the treated areas. The other bonus to using heat to kill fat cells, is the effect it has on the surrounding connective tissue and skin. We know very well from our many other laser and Radio Frequency treatments, that collagen and elastin fibers are stimulated when temperature raises above 43 degrees celsius! This is very beneficial for improving skin quality and firmness in that area that we are reducing fat. It’s a win-win! Treatments utilizing cold temperatures, do not improve skin quality at all and can often have adverse effects with the tiny nerve endings in the treated area, resulting in painful recover for 7-10 days as well as numbness and unusual sensation for numerous weeks and months after the treatment. One of our Master Aesthetician’s, Amy, has over 4 years of experience with Coolsculting, as well as 2 years with SculpSure for treating unwanted fat. After years of experience with these other devices and lots of research, Amy and Dr. Coale made the decision to go with the absolute best technology to reduce any unnecessary pain or complications. Truscupt iD has proven to be the best device available to achieve optimum results in a short, safe, and comfortable treatment.