Trusculpt FleX Muscle Sculpting

This is a muscle sculpting device that offers personalized treatments based on patient fitness level, shape, and goals.

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This treatment utilizes a “multi-directional electrical stimulation” to simulate everything your body would go through in an intense workout, from flexing, lengthening and twisting the targeted muscle groups and then taking them to full exhaustion at the end of each treatment. We can choose 3 modes to target the muscle groups according to the patients needs and desires. Maintenance is suggested at 2-3 months to keep your body at optimum health and continue the path of burning fat and maintaining the muscle mass. Flex is not only a muscle toning treatment, but a "metabolism boosting" treatment as well! You can increase muscle mass up to 30% after a series of 6 treatments, as well as increasing your Basal Metabolic Rate. In turn, your body will be able to burn more fat, slim down and tone up in as little as 3 months! This also helps with strengthening the core and supporting muscles around your spine and hips. Many patients notice a great improvement in their low back pain and posture as well.


We absolutely LOVE FLEX because of the overall health improvements our clients see after just a few months! This isn’t just an aesthetic treatment to improve your look, it’s all about keeping your body in prime condition! Plus, this treatment has proven to help many of our middle-aged patients that feel as though their metabolism has just plateaued and they no longer were seeing results from dieting and exercise. FLEX jumpstarts it for you and suddenly you feel stronger AND you start seeing the results in the mirror!


We place a positive & negative electrode on each of the targeted muscle groups, and choose which treatment mode is best suited for that patient. The treatment time is 45 minutes, and you’ll feel the treatment go through many different algorithms. The patient can be in control of how intense the treatment will be, but our technicians will help push you to challenge yourself to get up to higher settings each time. The stronger and harder you push yourself, the better the results…..just like in a regular workout!


Abdomen, Obliques, Glutei, Legs & Arms (chest area cannot be treated due to proximity of the heart muscle)

Frequency of Treatment:

First series of 6 treatments need to be completed within 3 weeks. We recommend doing 2 per week. There must be a minimum of 1 day of rest between treatments but no more then 6 days between. Suggested maintenance averages between 2-3 months to maintain optimum results.


45 minute treatment time, allow for an hour appointment


Starting at $2800. Package pricing and maintenance discounts will be discussed at time of consultation


We will start by assessing the patients body and determine if they are a good candidate. Then set forth an appropriate treatment plan, as well as encouraging the patient to continue or increase their typical workouts at home and be on path of healthy eating & lifestyle. Photos are taken prior to first treatment, after series of 6, and again at 12-14 weeks when optimum results are seen.


You will feel sore muscles for the following 2 days, just like an intense workout


Drink lots of water and have a small meal the morning before your treatment.


Continue your healthy lifestyle, including working out 3-4 times per week and eating healthy.


No, it’s is not painful but it is uncomfortable. You can control the level of intensity yourself, which makes it so much easier for the patient to get use to the treatment over time.

Great question! Coolsculpting and Trusculpt are both great treatments for causing APOPTOSIS (natural death of the fat cell). However, Coolsculpting uses technology that lowers the temperature of the subcutaneous fat to damage the fat cells, where Truscupt iD raises the temperature of the fat cells to damage them. The applicators from Coolsculpting suck the bulge of fat up inside a narrow opening, and it can often leave an indentation or “shark bite” of uneven fat loss. Trusculpt iD applicators are laid flat on the area to be treated and it results in an even distribution of deep heat to the treated areas. The other bonus to using heat to kill fat cells, is the effect it has on the surrounding connective tissue and skin. We know very well from our many other laser and Radio Frequency treatments, that collagen and elastin fibers are stimulated when temperature raises above 43 degrees celsius! This is very beneficial for improving skin quality and firmness in that area that we are reducing fat. It’s a win-win! Treatments utilizing cold temperatures, do not improve skin quality at all and can often have adverse effects with the tiny nerve endings in the treated area, resulting in painful recover for 7-10 days as well as numbness and unusual sensation for numerous weeks and months after the treatment. One of our Master Aesthetician’s, Amy, has over 4 years of experience with Coolsculting, as well as 2 years with SculpSure for treating unwanted fat. After years of experience with these other devices and lots of research, Amy and Dr. Coale made the decision to go with the absolute best technology to reduce any unnecessary pain or complications. Truscupt iD has proven to be the best device available to achieve optimum results in a short, safe, and comfortable treatment.