Radio Frequency Microneedling can dramatically reduce the signs of aging in just a few treatments. The combination treatment that utilizes heat and needling, greatly diminishes fine lines, textured skin and scarring. Radio Frequency is known as the industries standard for skin tightening.

Best For

Anti-Aging, fine lines, tone & texture, wrinkles, skin tightening, acne scarring, stretch marks, scars from surgery or wounds.


This amazing treatment combines the energy of Radio Frequency and the benefits of Microneedling to achieve DERMAL REMODELING.


SecretRF is one of our very favorites here at S&T because of the quick recovery and phenomenal results seen after each treatment. This treatment has quickly become a favorite with many of our long-time patients and is also being requested not only for face & neck, but for hands, chest, stomach and all other areas of poor quality skin. It can greatly improve those stubborn fine textured lines on the sides of your mouth, which can’t be resolved with filler, and it has proven to be the best treatment for stretch marks available today!


Combining Radio Frequency and Microneedling, this is completely different than traditional Microneedling done with a pen. We use a large sterile 64 needle tip, that is only puncturing the skin at a perpendicular 90 degree angle. Precise entry and exit points, so the pin point wounds left behind heal in just 3-7 days. The radio frequency is emitted through the ends of the needles, which coagulates the papillary dermis and instantly triggers the dermal remodeling process, along with collagen contraction.


Face, neck, chest, stomach, flanks, thighs, knees, hands, back, scarring, stretch marks.

Frequency of Treatment:

Dermal remodeling doesn’t technically start until after the wound is created, so many patients see the best results and changes in the 2nd month after the treatment is performed. We prefer to wait at least 6 weeks between treatments and recommend a minimum of 2 in a row. 3-6 treatments may be suggested depending on the degree of scarring or stretch marks. For typical anti-aging benefits and the treatment of fine lines and texture, we recommend 2-3 consecutively, and then a maintenance once or twice a year. However…..many of our clients are requesting this treatment on a quarterly basis to maintain their awesome results!


The appointment is typically 90 minutes, giving us time to take photos and apply the topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort during the procedure. The actually needling only takes about 25-40 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated.


Ranging from $600-750 per treatment for average size areas. Small areas of scarring or stretch marks range from $300-450. Large areas, such as full stomach and flanks, or upper legs for stretch marks can range from $800-1200 per treatment. We can give you a specific price quote at the time of your consultation once the area is assessed.


Healthy skin heals so much better than unhealthy skin damaged skin… we often recommend getting your skin “in shape” for a few months prior with some topical medical grade skin care. This not only elevates your overall results but will insure your skin will heal properly and maintain that healthy appearance long after treatment is completed. We will assess your issues at time of consultation and can plan ahead to do the procedure on the same day if time allows. Then schedule your follow up treatments before you leave to provide you with the best treatment plan in a timely manner.


The day of your treatment, you will feel a hot sunburned sensation for an hour or two. We will send you home with topical post care cream or gel and detailed instructions of how to care for your skin for the following week. The skin will appear pink and sometime a deep pink the following day, but then quickly resolves by day 3. In some cases, the patient may experience minor swelling in some areas depending on the intensity of the treatment. Later in the week you will feel a very slight roughness to the surface layers of your skin, which sloughs off in a few days. Makeup may be worn after 2 days.


Avoid prolonged sun exposure for 1 week prior. Please have a small meal and lots of water before your appointment. Minimize blood thinners the few days prior to your treatment.


Follow the post care instructions we send home with you, and only use the topical post care cream/gel that is given to you at your appointment. On rare occasions, itching can occur during the healing process and we suggest adding hydrocortisone cream 1% to your post care cream we provide for a few days. Do not apply make up for 2 days. Sleep elevated the night or 2 after your treatment to reduce inflammation or swelling. Avoid heat the day of your treatment on that area. Avoid any sun exposure the week after your treatment, and prolonged sun exposure for 3 weeks afterwards. You must be using adequate sun protection following your procedure to reduce any chance of hyperpigmentation, especially in the time of year closer to summer.


We are very upfront with our clients when they ask this question, and yes it is a bit uncomfortable, yet tolerable because it’s such a quick procedure. We use a very strong topical anesthetic for 30-45 minutes prior which definitely takes the edge off. We also use our Zimmer Cryo chiller to blow frosty cool air at the treatment area during the procedure which greatly helps!