Marty Coale, MD, Medical Director and Co-owner, became passionate about skin health after meeting Amy for hair removal, melasma and sun damage about 15 years ago.  She learned about a topical skin care regimen by a very famous dermatologist, Dr. Obagi, to help get rid of pigment and started using Retin A and using sun protection.   Amy soon talked to Dr. Coale about all the benefits of laser skin rejuvenation and she started driving all the way to Longview to have regular laser treatments. The seed was planted to start a business in Vancouver with Amy to do her own part in the rejuvenation process.  Dr. Coale still uses an anti-aging skin care regimen and the feedback she has gotten over the years made the effort well worth it! Dr. Coale, a licensed physician in WA and OR, retired from Diagnostic Imaging where her special interests were women’s imaging (ultrasound imaging and procedures, mammography) and emergency imaging (US, CT, MRI, fluoroscopy and X-Rays).  She practiced for 15 years before she made a career change to stay at home with her daughters during high school. Dr. Coale is now pursuing her new passion for skin rejuvenations and aesthetic medicine in this energizing business venture.  Our adventure has turned into a very diverse, experienced practice as we approach our 5th year.  Treating the small flaws that bother individuals and affect one’s self esteem is the most rewarding aspect of our practice to Dr. Coale.  She loves using dermal fillers and botox in a way that is catered to the individual’s goals, using many applications that they didn’t know would achieve this with very little down time.  What she loves about the practice, is specifically collaborating with Amy and now all the other staff, developing relationships with clients and other small businesses, contributing to our community, all with the Skin&Tonics…”twist of fun.”