Amy Boaglio

Maser Aesthetician

Amy is a Licensed Master Asthetician in the state of Washington. She has had over 20 years of experience in the medical esthetics field, utilizing Cutera Lasers and technology since day one. Graduating from the University of Washington with a Fine Arts degree and an emphasis in Metal Sculpture, including welding, bronze casting and metal fabrication. Amy utilizes her detailed artistic eye to help her clients look and feel their best. Laser aesthetics became her new passion when she realized that she could use her talents to "sculpt" and transform skin, faces and bodies with this brilliant advanced technology....and also make personal connections with people while helping them with numerous self-esteem issues.  


"The personal relationships I've made over the years in aesthetics, is the most rewarding part of this whole journey!" - Amy


 She admits to her clients on a regular basis that she has a slight "laser addiction"! Especially if there's a good set of spider veins in front of her! That is her favorite treatment ever!  She also loves to educate her clients along their journey, about healthy skin and the science behind everything that they offer.  She feels it is very important to teach everyone beyond the fundamentals of general skin care, to help them understand how their skin works and what we need to do, OR NOT DO,  to keep it healthy and young! Because healthy skin is beautiful skin!


Amy feels truly blessed that she made such a great relationship with Dr. Coale years ago and that they jive so well together to bring you the very best at Skin & Tonics! Beyond her role at S&T, Amy is a busy mom of 2 amazing kids, Chloe and Gavin!


Amy says she is constantly in awe of the awesome community support and relationships in the Salmon Creek,  Felida and surrounding areas and LOVES to call this place home!